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Sabratha scientific report now available for download

View our full scientific findings, and methodology on the Sabratha Heritage Conservation page


Updates on Sabratha work now available

January 2021

The page for the Sabratha Heritage Protection project is now live on the website


Gerda Henkel Stiftung Success

July 2020

Prof Anna Leone , Department of Antiquities of Libya, and PI awarded a grant to document and analyse conflict damage to Sabratha, Libya


CPP training

October 2019

PI contributes to first CPP training for new Army divisions


Jordan visit

September 2019

HitC team members explore damaged sites in Jordan


Explosives damage presentation at EGU 2022

May 2022

Join us for the first presentation of our results at EGU 2022, Thursday 26 May


Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative videos now online

August 2020

All videos are now available through our website and on the SCRI YouTube page


Royal Society Success

July 2020

PI, Dr Charlotte Brassey and Dr Emma Cunliffe are awarded a Royal Society APEX Award for continued work on blast damage


Experimental work

October 2019

HitC carries out STFC-funded experiments at Engin-X (ISIS Neutron Beam facilities)


Training in Action

June 2019

PI contributes stone weathering and ballistic damage education to Training in Action

explosives image_edited.jpg

Explosives damage page now live

November 2021

The page for the Explosives damage project is now live on the website


Facebook Live event with Smithsonian Cultural Rescue Initiative

July 2020

On the 28th of July the HitC team will participate in a Facebook Live event to discuss their work.

Free to join online

10-11 am EDT

3-4 pm GMT

4-5 pm GMT +1


Smithsonian presentations

February 2020

PI and Oliver Campbell present the project at the Smithsonian Museum, Washington



September 2019

PI presents HitC progress report for the British Society for Geomorphology


New publication

May 2019

Open Access publication on the use of permeametry and rock surface hardness in ballistic damage assessments

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